Sunday, September 23, 2012

Thinking about sayings

When I first started to write this blog I titled it  " Thinking about thoughts"  but then later on I switched to the current topic . Ask me a reason ? . To write down about the inner person is tough . I am not capable to do that or in other words discussing an existentialist characteristic is easy. What people say , why they say and what made them say is not my matter of concern in this blog. I just want to analyse what people hear and remember and why do they remember only a few and not all .  Is the reason just because of mental capability or is it something else.
                                 Each time you click on site with quotes and sayings you will find quotes by great men whose thinking has formed the spine of our society. Such people sayings inspire the young generation and  had kept the past generations alive and lively. But suddenly one day a thought struck my mind with a great blow . I changed the whole circumstances and I imagined myself at the lecture hall where these quotes were said and in the next situation I went on to read the book where another great words of wisdom were written and in the next  I took myself to be the ghost in a talk show which was broadcast-ed on a television channel and here too great words were uttered ( just going off the topic we all are ghost when we switch on the television because we see them but they don't  ,although we are the wanted ghosts , everybody loves to have such ghosts). After so many situations , a simple fact ran into my mind " speed of light is greater than speed of sound". By this I mean simply great words of wisdom are not always said by great men but great men always say great words of wisdom. Its not the words which make the sentence a quote it is the person who does. And I feel it natural but highly biased .
                             Can a normal person who is not a philosopher , freedom fighter , politician , actor , singer, leader , say words of wisdom? , he does say but we ought not to remember . we only remember what we want to . Ask a teen a thought said by Martin Luther king or Mahatma Gandhi or ask a mid 40s person a thought from the uprising model or pop diva or ask a thought from Lady Gaga from some one of an age of 60s . They may even question you the existence of such names.
    People pay attention to whose speaking and then they think of what is spoken . So the next time when you are saying some words of wisdom and people don't listen to you , don't think that your words are rubbish or trash it may be that you have not made your mark in there minds till yet.
                                                       Thanks for reading and have a nice day.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Your parents love you and you love them , your friends love you and you love them , you love her and she loves you and so on it continues. Perfect story but what if in each part one part fails , we all know the relationship fails . Nothing new it is an established fact that we all are aware of that in practicality nothing called as unconditional love exist. But still from the very beginning of our life we are taught about love as an emotion which is pure and a key ingredient in the recipe known as relationships.

                                                                        In a world where each individual thinks that his life is mired with myriad problems he always seeks to develop a bond in which there exist a perfect 1:1 ratio of give and take   yes! when I say 1:1 I mean it. Look around you or if you are honest with yourself ( quite a tough act) introspect it , you will find that the people you really admire or people who share strong bonds with you have always maintained this perfect balance . A harsh fact to admit , if you don't believe it try it just once , disturb the balance and you will be showered with taunts and puns e.g  " I did not expected  this from you". So if our loved ones or "connected ones" share a socio-economic relation why is love considered so pure?
If seen by the angle above mentioned it is just a mathematical equation which is a combination of ratio of  output to input or it is just a fraction. So why has this mathematical fraction been so disguised as an emotional feeling .
             For better understanding let us take 2 sons of same family X and Y . Suppose X is a school dropout  and now is a drug addict whereas Y turns out to be brilliant in academics and has a nice job. Now my question is does the family love them equally ? Ponder over it practically not emotionally.
                In the above case initially the input of the family for both kids is same but since one disappoints the family whereas the other one meets the expectations hence output in case of Y is far more than X. Hence love for Y is greater than for X. If reciprocity can prove the strength of one of the most purest form of relationships ( son and his parents) don't you think that each relationship works on the same principle . And if your answer is yes then relationships are nothing more than showing  reciprocity.